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Exclusive limited-edition CD
£30 +

This exclusive limited-edition CD has been produced by the Friends of Wighton, as part of a fundraising project to conserve historic Scottish music books from the personal collection of the late Sir Jimmy Shand.

coverThe 23 books and manuscripts were purchased at auction by the Friends in 2013. They all need conservation work before they can be used for study and display, and the Friends are organising this work starting in 2016.

This recording features tracks by members and supporters of the Friends of Wighton, and our grateful thanks go to them. Some of the tracks (marked * below) present music discovered in the historic books of the Wighton Collection, housed in Dundee Central Library; others represent the best of today’s Scottish traditional music. A number of the tracks were recorded live in the Wighton Centre, especially for this CD.

The CD is being produced in a strictly limited edition of only 100 copies, as a reward to our supporters who pledged money towards the first part of the conservation project. We have copies available for sale here, with all proceeds going towards the Friends of Wighton project. Total duration 60:37

1 Phil Cunningham Accordion: ‘Violet Tulloch’s Welcome to The Crask of Aigas’, by Phil Cunningham İPhil Cunningham & ‘The Laird O’ Drumblair’, by James Scott Skinner. İScott Skinner. Performed by Phil Cunningham. Included on the album My Palomino Waltz. Courtesy of Compass Records (Nashville, TN)
ISRC: UK/H8E/16/00013

2 Barbara Dymock & Christopher Marra Voice & Guitar: ‘The Gauger’, per Greig-Duncan collection/Tony Cuffe from the Liftfire CD Leaf An’ Thorn
ISRC: UK/H8E/16/00017

3 Morag Anne Elder & Katie Grieve Fiddle & Cello: ‘Robie Donna Gorach’, per A Fifth Collection, published by Neil Gow & Sons 1809.
ISRC: UK/H8E/16/00011
3:43 *

4 Ellie McDonald Poem: ‘R. R. S. Discovery’, by Ellie McDonald. İEllie McDonald
ISRC: UK/H8E/16/00006
0:33 *

5 The Wighton Singers Choir: ‘Saw Ye My Maggie’, arr.Wighton Singers
ISRC: UK/H8E/16/00005
1:44 *

6 Gavin Marwick & Bob Turner Fiddle & Piano: ‘The Iron Man Set’. Comprising: ‘The Iron Man’, by James Scott Skinner İScott Skinner, ‘Captain Campbell’, by James Stewart-Robertson 1884, per The Athole Collection, ‘The King’s Reel’, ‘The Doon’
ISRC: UK/H8E/16/00001

7 Ellie McDonald Poem: ‘Sunday Spectacular’, by Ellie McDonald. İEllie McDonald
ISRC: UK/H8E/16/00007
1:01 *

8 Sheena Wellington Solo Voice: ‘The Gairdener & The Plooman’, Greig- Duncan Collection no.1125 from Mrs Jaffray, Mintlaw
ISRC: UK/H8E/16/00009
3:31 *

9 Simon Chadwick Clarsach: ‘Port Rorie Dall’, by Ruaidhrí Dall Ó Catháin, per. James Aird, Selection of Scotch, English, Irish & foreign airs Volume 6, 1801
ISRC: UK/H8E/16/00010
3:13 *

10 Karine Polwart Voice & Guitar: ‘Salters Road’, by Karine Polwart. İKarine Polwart from the CD Traces
ISRC: UK/H8E/16/00014

11 Karen Hannah & Bob Turner Fiddle & Piano: ‘The Directors Set’. Comprising: ‘The Directors’, ‘Hector the Hero’, by James Scott Skinner İScott Skinner, ‘The Heights of Dargai’, by J. Wallace İJ. Wallace, ‘Margaret’s Waltz’, by Pat Shuldam Shaw İPat Shuldam Shaw, ‘Harvest Home’, & ‘The Brolum’, by Rhoderic Banatyne İRhoderic Banatyne
ISRC: UK/H8E/16/00016

12 Fiona Wilson & Heelster Gowdy (Fiona Wilson Voice, Bob Turner Accordion & Piano, Gavin Marwick Fiddle, Alasdair Morrow Percussion): ‘Queen Among The Heather’, Re-shaping & variant of a classic ballad, the progenitor of which is ‘Glasgow Peggie’, (Child 228).
ISRC: UK/H8E/16/00002

13 Helen Forbes with Fon a Bhord (Helen Forbes, Whistle & Pipes, Declan Hegarty harp, Mike Ward fiddle & Ian Kinnear small pipes): ‘Lochaber No More’, by Myles O'Reilly
ISRC: UK/H8E/16/00015

14 Frieda Morrison Voice & Guitar: ‘Heart of The Land’, by Frieda Morrison. İFrieda Morrison Birseland Music Sarah Beattie (fiddle), Delane Morrison (harmony) Live at Tradfest 2015
ISRC: UK/H8E/16/00018

15 Morag Anne Elder & Katie Grieve Fiddle & Cello: ‘The Haughs Of Delbagie’, & ‘The House Of Edinglassie’ per A Collection Of Original Scottish Strathspeys, Reels, Marches etc, by Alexander Walker (Aberdeen 1866).
ISRC: UK/H8E/16/00012
1:48 *

16 Mark Spalding Harpsichord: ‘Sonata For Harpsichord’, 2nd Movement, by Ronald Stevenson. İRonald Stevenson. Recorded for this CD by kind permission of Marjorie Stevenson and the Ronald Stevenson Estate
ISRC: UK/H8E/16/00004
5:54 *

17 Ellie McDonald Poem: ‘For Hamish Henderson On His 80th Birthday’, by Ellie McDonald. İEllie McDonald
ISRC: UK/H8E/16/00008
0:59 *

18 Fiona Wilson & Heelster Gowdy (Fiona Wilson Voice, Cameron Robson Cittern, Bob Turner Accordion & Piano): ‘Freedom Come All Ye’, By Hamish Henderson 1960, to the pipe tune ‘The Bloody Fields Of Flanders’, by Pipe Major John MacLellan of the 8th. Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders. İHamish Scott Henderson
ISRC: UK/H8E/16/00003

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